• Jenny Marie

Got to Push Your Purpose

Updated: Mar 4

Dear Jo,

There is so much I could talk about on this subject but I'll try to summarize for this post! I've been paying attention to people's goals, dreams and purposes for a long time.

I have heard many people talk about how they gave up on their dreams or compromised their purposes and goals because they or someone else convinced them it wasn't a good idea! This is horrible! I even have my own story on this which I will save for another day. But the point is, every time I spoke with people on this subject: purpose - I always discovered the above. In fact, one of my favorite questions when I interviewed applicants for my clients was, "How does this job relate to what you want to do in life?" or I also liked to ask "What did you want to be when you were a child?" The answers were rarely what they were doing. It's funny how humans convince themselves "its not important" for blah, blah, and blah reason. 🤷

But it is important. It's very important to one's happiness!

Sooo, I looked up the word "purpose" recently. This is my favorite definition I found:


The reason for which something exists or is done, made, used, etc.

I believe that every person has a reason for why they are here. A purpose they serve to the world and to their community. That is one's purpose. It's the reason they exist. It's what drives them.

Why You Need to Push Your Purpose

In my twenty years experience of working with people, I've noticed that people need to be "pushed" to achieve their goals. There's always a thought or an incident that "somehow" gets in the way. Even beyond that though, when it comes to that "thing" that people truly want to do, the thing that makes them excited or driven, that "thing" needs to be pushed even harder. It's almost as if that thing that makes the "best you" the most "on purpose" you, is trapped in an invisible castle with a magic lock around it. And just to make sure you never reach your full potential or your "magic powers" its sealed with a spell that looks like convincing you "its not import" or "you can't do it." 🤔

I know, my imagination is running wild with my analogies 😂 but this is how I look at things sometimes. Imagination is the key to freedom! Jump down that rabbit hole and find out where the journey takes us. One is never too old or too young and it's never too late. If one spent ninety nine years of their life living off purpose and the last day one decided to remember what IT was and do what he/she loved, that would be the day that felt like no other day in their life. A freedom of expression, of identity of true self! 💞

Til Next Time,

❤️️ Love Jenny