• Jenny Marie

Do Powers Need to be Seized?

Updated: Mar 4

Dear Jo,

There's a very specific reason I decided to use the word "seize" in my brand. The truth is, life can be challenging. I know this from my own experience and from others I help. Sometimes it can get down right scary or morbid. At those times, I guess we could say, we are not using our power to rise up and defeat whatever is stopping us from being the best we want to be.

From what I hear from others and know from my own experience, is that sometimes we just don't feel like ourselves. We don't believe in ourselves, don't go after what we truly want! We sometimes stuff those brilliant ideas in the back pocket or move it to the back burner for "later" but then later always gets pushed aside!

This is WHY I chose "seize" as part of my brand. Check out the definitions I like:

1) #Possession

Take forcible possession of.

For example, I could say, "I seized my power back!" In my Determin8torDiaries program, I talk about this "being" who "lives" in all of us. I've named him "Captn Nay." It's short for Captain Naysayer. I created him to describe the parts of our mind that make us doubt ourselves, that make us mean to ourselves AND to others, that convince us we aren't good enough and not able enough to do GREAT things! Well, Captn Nay LOVES to steal our power! 😡 Therefore, we have to SEIZE it back! After all, its ours! That's why I like this definition. We have to seize our power to achieve our goals!

2) #TakeDecisively

Take (an opportunity or initiative) eagerly and decisively.

I like this definition because clients need to be eager and decisive for us to work together! First you have to DECIDE you can achieve something. Whatever it may be! The decision comes first. It's also the strength of the decision and one's intention that makes things move in a velocity of results. Trust me, I've monitored this for quite some time in my life!


Wouldn't you know!? Part of where this word comes from means "Claim as one's own" 😮Would you look at that?! Derivation backing up my brand ideas. 😅 So, there you have it.

By The Way

If you are wondering about my photos, it's just my way of being creative to express the ideas of my journal. I find it fun to put my face in other photos. Ain't nobody got time to go around and get professional photographers scheduled with costumes and crap. I got goals to achieve and so do my clients! Its my imagination running wild! I'm ok with it! 😂

I'm about to seize some targets for the week!

❤️️ Love, Jen