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Do You Have Friends that Kick Your @ss in a Good Way?

Updated: Mar 29

This is my friend, Anita. From #TurnersHillUK. This girl kicks ass in the fashion department. The coolest thing is, she does this via thrift shops. The treasures she discovers and the outfits she puts together, motivate me to want to dress up.

She really should write her own blog (hint, hint) but I haven't convinced her yet. Between her style and confidence, this girl leads the lifestyle runway with her creations. She's been taking that create to the next level and selling her treasures online here.

“Between her style and confidence, this girl leads the lifestyle runway with her creations.”

She has one heck of a life story, that maybe she will let me tell one day. All great artists do. Anita has also been a strong, supportive friend. She was there for me during a time I was picking myself up from the bottom. She reminded me to not take any shit and remember who I am and the value I bring to the table. Something I now have regained the ability to remember for myself. We all need that friend that kicks our ass back into the person we know we truly are. Sometimes Capt'n Nay wants to convince us otherwise. Damn him!

So, here's to the great leaders like Anita, a true Nay-Slayer, that I'm proud to have on our team.

#England #NaySlayer #Crus8der

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