• Jenny Marie

Everyone Needs a Motivating Mentor

Updated: Mar 4

Dear Jo,

I've come to realize that I'm half Motivating Mentor (cheerleader) and half Kick-Your-Ass Coach. There has to be a balance. Perhaps many people think these mean the same thing but in my mind, it's different. In the end though, I suppose both do "motivate."

I've learned that some people can't handle "The Kick-Your-Ass Coach" though. 😂🤷 I've discovered that those people usually aren't my clients. Everyone does need a Motivating Mentor though. Someone who tells them how powerful they are, who focuses on what they do right and reminds them of what they are capable of. A little magical fairy is what I imagine. 🧚💛


Stimulate (someone's) interest in or enthusiasm for doing something.

I think a Motivating Mentor is someone who inspires that person to do what they think they should, but doubt. They should encourage and empower them to achieve their life-long goals. By the way, the origin of this word means "to stimulate toward action." 😮


Someone who gives someone help and advice over a period of time

I've come to realize in all my years of experience, how valuable this is for two reasons.

1. Most people receive too much negative response to their ideas, personality, goals, dreams.

2. The "advice" that most people get to "help" them is actually negative and acts as stops to their goals.

Really, I'm talking about being a coach. Life Coach, Motivational Coach, Success Coach - call it what you want but the point is, they get someone to the next level. I just happened to like Motivating Mentor. No matter what the person is identified as, I believe everyone needs one.

Gotta do some motivating now!

❤️️ Love, Jen