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Ever Felt Like You Were Meant to Live in a Castle?

Updated: Mar 29

Sometimes I've felt like Rapunzel in my life. The name of this town made me think of that girl. Plus there is a giant medieval castle, Arundel Castle which you got to see. There is also a Roman Catholic Church Arundel Cathedral which we took a look in. The name of the town seems to come from a Norman-French word that means swallow (that's a bird). The castle was built to keep watch over the river. I took a ride here with a friend that I had not seen in twenty-something years. Coincidentally, his life circumstances brought him to England as I was visiting there (we both lived in the US). He drove two and half hours to see me. My life has always been an interesting journey.

So, let me tell you about that piece of my story. One day, out of nowhere, I started thinking about this friend. I started trying to research where to find him after twenty years. I looked on Facebook and looked on Google. I messaged my mom to see if she knew his whereabouts (because she worked with his mom). All of a sudden, it became very important to me to find him. I just felt like I needed to find him. After researching high and low, I decided to go back to Facebook one more time and there I located his profile when before I hadn't seen anything. How many times has that happened in your life?

"All of a sudden, it became very important to me to find him. I just felt like I needed to find him."

He was ecstatic to connect with me again. We had been high school friends and had shared some great memories together. He was also my sounding board for the troubled environment I grew up in. Like the castle, he acted as my protector. When we connected on the phone again, after all that time, he told me his mother had just passed away. As I said before, our moms worked together. We would go over to their house from time to time. It was a sad thing that his mom had Alzheimers and had finally passed on.

We talked for a long time on the phone that night and stayed connected after that. It was just like old times. One night when we were "shooting the shit" (that's what we called talking about everything and anything) he mentioned that his mom had mentioned my name before she passed. She had come out of the Alzheimers for a few minutes and wanted to know where I was, mentioned a few other people and then went back into oblivion.

When she asked about me, my friend didn't think anything of it. However, when we were retracing the time period where she asked and when she passed, it was only a little bit of time before I reached out to him. The date of her passing and the sudden urge for me to get in contact with him was a little supernatural. I always felt things happened for a reason. When we spotted this together, my friend had been standing outside smoking and was yelling towards the sky, "Thank you mom!" as he laughed in relief.

"The date of her passing and then the sudden urge for me to get in contact with him was a little supernatural."

As I said before, life is an interesting journey. I've arrived into people's lives when they needed someone the most, sometimes people have arrived in mine when I needed someone the most. Sometimes the companions are life-long and sometimes they only last for a "season". In this case, I think it was a little bit of both. Of course, that's only my opinion. I do know that when he came to visit me in England, he told me something I really needed to hear.

He said, something to the effect of...

"Jenny, you've always had a gift. It was more subtle back then but it was always there. Don't ask me to describe because I can't, but I saw it. Don't ever change because you have something special. I've seen it and I've seen you give it to others."

That was one of the best validations I ever received in life. I hope every single person that reads this, get's at least one of those in their lifetime. Every person deserves to be validated and appreciated. When someone can see your "superpowers" and acknowledge you for it, those people are the ones to keep around. So, the journey continues and I look forward to spending special moments with special people like my friend. It's what makes life worth living.

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