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Are You an Artist Going After Your Dreams?

Updated: Mar 29

This dude was singing in a #BrightonUK park called the Royal Pavilion Gardens. I've seen him before and every time I pass by I appreciate that he's there, filling the park with more positive energy by creating with music.

I didn't get a chance to talk to him but he graciously gave me a good pose as I took a shot of him singing. I always give credit to artists going after their dreams. It takes courage to stand out in front of others and sing your heart out. It takes motivation to get up each day and stand out there asking for tips so you can earn a living while fulfilling your dream.

“It takes courage to stand out in front of others and sing your heart out.”

I'm not sure if he worked a night job as well but honestly it doesn't matter. The guy is going after it. Doing what he loves. Creating for others. There's a spirit in that. I love listening to people sing. It can really move people emotionally. It can inspire, motivate, sometimes save lives.

Heck, this guy seemed like he was a regular there. A freaking fox out in the middle of the day, sleeping and listening to this guy's music. You know you're good when the animals come to listen.

Again, you never know who you are going to touch spiritually or emotionally. You never know how you may change that ONE person's life just by being you. Something worth thinking about the next time Capt'n Nay tries to make you second guess yourself. Go out there and do it, be it!

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