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Are you a Nay Slayer?

Updated: Mar 29

I can hear the question now... who the heck is Nay? Captn Nay. He’s this made up character I created one day to represent all the negative things that come out of people’s mouths or their minds, or my own mind, or the negative forces that come from living in this crazy world we call planet Earth. You can just round all that up in a (negative-energy) ball and say it’s “Captain Nay” at work.

Second question... how do you know if you are a slayer? Slayers are those that aren't willing to allow Capt'n Nay to win. They are fighters. Now, this doesn't mean that they don't get knocked down once in a while by him, but they don't give up. They also help others fight against him.

“Slayers are those that aren't willing to allow Capt'n Nay to win. They are fighters.”

See, Capt'n Nay wants you to believe "You can't do it" or "You're nothing" or "Not good enough" - he's an evil force that doesn't want you to achieve the things that you are meant to do in life. Your purpose, potential and happiness - he just doesn't want you to go after it or have it. Little f@$%er. The Nay Slayers just don't back down. They may get "knocked" down, they may start to believe him for a bit but then they come to their senses and they get right back up and keep going. They are "crazy" enough to believe they are more powerful than him.

Characteristics of a Nay Slayer:

  • Unwilling to back down on goals in life

  • Has desire to help others fight against Capt'n Nay

  • Gets back up when knocked down

  • Has desire to help others achieve goals

  • Portrays Confidence and Superhumanpowers

So, are you a Nay Slayer? If so, tell me why in the comments!

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