• Jenny Marie

All Hail the Organization Queen

Updated: Mar 4

Dear Jo,

Of course, I'm being silly here. 😂 However, I will tell you that I've been told I'm the most organized person one has ever met! This has come natural to me ever since I was a kid. Everything had to be "in place." Apparently, this is my lot in life as well as pushing people to achieve their targets and goals because I help them their thoughts, ideas, projects and businesses.

When I graduated college, I started organizing in client's homes. This was well before the Professional Organizing industry was created. In all my jobs throughout school, I had organized people or things to create more efficiency. I believe an organized life, is key to having a happy life. 😊 Whether it's feeling comfortable in one's space (at home or work), organizing ideas to create a business or organizing one's work to be more productive to achieve goals, these are all major contributors to happiness.


I believe an organized life, is key to having a happy life.

The funny thing is, most people want to be organized! They just don't feel like they have the time and many are too overwhelmed. Working with a professional is obviously the best way to go. However, one could also swap services with someone or have a friend help if one was on a budget. When it comes to things like organizing ideas for branding, I personally wouldn't do it myself if I wasn't skilled in that area. Branding is a skilled area and organizing thoughts and ideas for it, takes a special type of skilled person. 😉 #Branding

Basic vs Advanced

I would consider basic organizing to include things like: organizing one's house or their workspace, their car, their files, etc. Material universe things that would be basic and necessary to produce. More advanced organizing would include: ideas to create concepts that produce income, specific systems in business to increase production, To-Do Lists that have a purpose and lead towards goals. Once someone has worked with a professional, I think they will know the difference. #Organizing

The #OrganizationQueen is signing off! 😂

❤️️ Love, Jen