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I'm a 50/50 Girl, How About You?

Updated: Mar 29

You just can't put me in one label. I love too many different things. Music, geography, people, activities. I've been like that my whole life. This was taken at Tully's Farm in #CrawleyUK

It's a farm. I'm 50% farm girl and 50% city girl. I love both. My actual ideal scene is living in the country but being close enough to the city to drive there whenever I want.

This farm was smart enough to host events on their land to create extra income. They have Escape Rooms, a Tea Room (where they serve a full menu), huge Halloween events and Christmas activities. The reason I'm sharing their links with you is because I've been a Small Business Consultant for 10 years and helping people with money management for 20. When I'm impressed with a business, I want to promote their brand because I believe in supporting Small Businesses.

"I believe in supporting Small Businesses when they do something right."

Walking around this farm and learning about their events reminded me of an old idea I had a long time ago. I actually went home and found a sketch I drew about it in my Google Drive. Fascinating that we can get these ideas and then store them away and forget we had them. Then something comes along in life reminding us that we could create on them if we still desired. I won't go into sharing THAT idea (insert wink emoji) as I still may create it down the road. You know how that works... once you share it, someone else is creating it somewhere across the country. Like they sucked the idea right out of the air while you were telling somebody else about it!

Like they sucked the idea right out of the air while you were telling somebody else about it!

Moral of this story is, support those doing the right thing, get 100% of what you want in life and don't throw out those good ideas! You never know when they may arise again.

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