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long and determined attempt to achieve something you strongly believe in. I believe in people's abilities and "superpowers" that aren't being utilized. Furthermore, they are problably being negated by Captn Nay and that's why they don't follow their purpose or achieve goals. Therefore, it's my crus8de to help others unleash their potential, achieve those goals and be the crus8ders they really are in life.


One who desires and is capable of believing in themselves and utilizing their abilities to achieve goals in life, kick Captn Nay's butt, and seek to use their "superpowers" to help others.



It represents infinity and a constant flow of energy and power. (very superpower-ish). I realized it was the perfect addition to the name because it also symbolizes: everything that's good and right in the universe, abundance and success, new beginnings and a resurrection. I'd like to think the last part means resurrection of our "superpowers". 


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