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Find out which brand or project you relate to the most! Then read those posts to help you get motivated, be inspired, follow your purpose, release your superpowers, AND kick Captn Nay's @ss so you can seize your potential and conquer your goals!

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Bookkeeping with a bonus. We help you organize and control your finances, then achieve your goals. Check out the services and FAQs!

Those Who Want Financial Control

Fund Your Goals


Increase the speed of your growth and success with our online project and program to take your one man biz to $1M. (in development)

Ambitious Small Biz Owners

Succeed With Speed

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A project focused on self-improving the body and mind to enhance the soul to show 'em who YOU are.

Check out the posts and IG brand.

Those Who Were Rejected

Hit Em W-Happiness

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A project focused on the goals and purposes of individuals who have special "superpowers" but haven't released them. Check them out!


Those Who Wanna Be Better


A project focused on increasing young women's confidence to stand up for who they are and what they want. Check it out girls!

Slay The Nay

Young Women Who Want Change


A project that will develop into my autobiography series. Every detail of my life, good and bad. I share it all. Find out if you can relate!

My Superpower Life

Those Interested in My Story