Meet Jenny

Purpose Pusher, Goal-Gettin Guru, Organizing Queen and Motivating Mentor

Hi, I'm Jenny Marie. For 20+ years I have been helping others get more organized and achieve goals. That was professionally. However, personally I would work with individuals to help them define and align their purpose and goals. I would push them to unleash their potential. I would help them express their thoughts into ideas and plans to make a living. If there's one thing I can't stand, it's seeing the untapped potential in amazing beings and the denial that they could be it!

The programs I have developed have taken me years to define but I'm truly excited about the future and unleashing my own potential and purpose. I'm here to help you be the REAL you. The YOU who lives your life doing what you love, unleashing your maximum potential and power and living, on purpose. 

You can be, do and have it!

You should live your life, on purpose.

Jenny Marie