Meet Jenny

Kick-Ass Coach, Author, Conquering Queen and Creative Genius, this superwoman helps you overcome obstacles and reach your goals.

Jenny Marie has been helping others reach goals for 20+ years. She can't stand to see untapped potential in people. Her specialized coaching style ignites your potential and allows you to seize their superpowers. 

She believes everyone has one or more superpower(s). These abilities and gifts should be seized and used to achieve one's goals and to reach the next level of life.

She also believes that when one follows their purpose and passion along with having an aligned plan, it ignites their potential and it gives them the steps and momentum to achieve BIG GOALS faster.

Ignite your potential, achieve those goals.

Jenny Marie

You should unleash your superpowers.

Jenny Marie


She developed the SucceedWithSpeed program to help small businesses expand faster by organizing and managing their finances, their To-Do's and their goals.

She created the DeterminatorDiaries program to share the highlights of strong people who have overcome many obstacles to change their life and who are an inspiring beam of light for those trying to get out of the dark.

She designed the YoungDerminator program to assist young adults in overcoming obstacles and achieving their goals to change their life.