"I think of you fondly, often and I appreciate the investment you have made in my life."

- LV , Orlando

"My business wouldn't be where it is, if it weren't for you."

- ST, Oviedo

My life story and achievements deserve to be told, as I believe all Determinator stories do. I grew up in a difficult environment, thought I was dying a few times in life, had my ups and downs and yet I still am alive and going after it! I've overcome many obstacles and Captn Nays who tried to stop me!

I AM an Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Life and Business Coach, and Humanitarian. There  are many titles. What I DO is motivate, inspire, and help others to achieve the impossible.


I'm all about the targets! I want people to seize their potential and conquer their goals! All of us have at least one superpower, if not more, and we should figure out what that is, evolve it and utilize it to help others while achieving goals!

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