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Meet Jenny 

Kick-Ass Coach, Author, The Conquering Queen and Creative Genius! She helps you reach the next level of your life and business in ways you thought were impossible!

Driven by a purpose to help others ignite their potential, break down barriers and reach their goals, Jenny is determined to help others seize their "superpower." She has developed several programs focused on money, motivation and mapping success for adults and teens.

Jen's Life Tips

Here you can read her random thoughts, find inspiration in her glimpses of life, and enjoyment in her silly humor. If you want to be prompted for new entries, #followjennysays can be found on Instagram where she posts regulary.

Seize Your Superpower

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“Jenny is an organizer of the mind. She takes your thoughts, clarifies them and puts them into a plan of action.”

Miriam Putnam

Freedom Counselor


“Jenny helped combine all my talents into an identity and create a brand from that.”

Dave William Press
Illustrator & Artist


“Jenny is a powerful source to have next to you. She can see exactly what you are trying to achieve and help you do that.”

Krista Jay 

Performance Coach

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